Amway Business Reviews – Is it What Your Looking For?

There is a Better Option!Amway the famous business we all have heard of. And for the right reasons, it has been around for almost 60 years now, not many businesses can say that, especially one’s in network marketing.

It is the biggest MLM out their with sales at $8.6 Billion which is impressive. If their products were junk, people would not be buying this stuff. And look you’re looking into network marketing, a great business model that has helped many become financially free. I agree and love it! It has helped a good deal of people build residual income, the bread and butter of financial freedom.

This will not be a long article into the critiques I have of Amway or why I believe I have a better option. I will post a link into another article I wrote here which explains more.

This will give you a more written out version of my critiques and why their are better options out their. (It is my novel lol :))

First of all, I will say this:

  1. The pay structure is not set up for success. You will have to put way more time and effort into it than what they say to succeed and/or my company. It is designed for rock stars (those born with the charisma, people skills, leadership skills, etc.) I will say all skills can be developed so if you put you’re time into it, you could succeed.
  2. Lack of teamwork among distributors. Since no one benefits when you buy or sell something other than you’re up-line, it will create stiff competition from the out-start. People will be focused on themselves (unless you have a great leader running the show.) But still, why not have a business where everyone benefits, 100% credit with no dilution.
  3. The corporate team is not working to secure you’re income or the small guy just starting out. Since all the products I could find on Amazon and EBay, it is going to be a cutthroat competition where you will get little if any retail profit when you sell something. You may tell you’re neighbor about a product but then they find it on Amazon for 20% less, unless they love you a lot, their going to Amazon. Talk about frustrating!
  4. No shopping annuity, the shopping annuity with my company is where you’re taking the products you’re already buying and spending and converting it into a residual income. This is revolutionary and people are starting to talk about it, but this is not part of the plan of Amway.

There is a Better WayThere is a better option:

  1. One where a pay structure is set up like one I have never seen before. One where everyone benefits 100% of what someone buys or sells on the team, with no dilution! I have an accounting degree and have seen many different business types and honestly when I seen this structure, I thought it was genius. I am a numbers guy and I couldn’t turn down the numbers!
  2. A corporate team that is working for you, making sure that even the newest person can succeed with the right mindset and effort. They are constantly improving, creating, and making life easier with more pay for their distributors.
  3. Teamwork – People want you to succeed, I have never seen such giving and receiving on a team. It does help when people do get 100% credit for everything you’re doing! lol
  4. Shopping annuity – Converting you’re spending into earning by swapping you’re shopping habits through you’re own business. Revolutionary and will continue to change the world!

There are more and I will refer you to my article on the better option here (Just click Here!)

I love residual income, the bread and butter of financial freedom. I have researched lots of companies. Let me show you the best one. And not spend so much time working so hard!

Comment below if you have any questions or remarks. Contact me on my contact page if you are interested to know more. It’s always free to look at and see if it is an opportunity for you.

Hope you enjoyed the article!

Blessings & Grace!,



Jesse Wahl

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