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Business, business, business….their are many opportunities out their. People calling, asking, messaging you about different opportunities. But what is right for a woman out their. What is the best business opportunities for women out their? Women, you have special thing about putting your whole heart into a project, business, plan, or whatever you do. You are less motivated by just the money factor compared to men.So Many Options

This is something beautiful and should be celebrated. It is unique and something our culture needs more of. Something I have noticed with many women entrepreneurs is that they really love to serve people. In fact, usually that is their main motivation for getting into business. Money is less of a factor but usually comes along with it as they give people and the market what they desire.

The opportunities out their include real estate, starting your own retail business, network marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. I have tried many and still prefer some over others but want this to be an informational post.

Real Estate – Capital & Tenants

After doing the studying on these things, I still like real estate. The problem with realAn Option But takes Capital estate is you need capital. Capital is something not everyone has. Also, a good way to start out is having the ability to do the maintenance on a house and/or remodel a home. If contracted out, this takes more capital. Real estate is a great place for people that have more hands on approach and have money. I would say it is less motivated by passion and more motivated by the money/residual income that can be made behind it. As well as an appreciating asset over time. Granted that appreciating asset will take work to maintain its level of value.

Owning Your Own Brick & Mortar Business – Capital & Passion

Owning your own brick and mortar business. This deals with having more passion on a certain industry (usually clothes, food, health related, etc.). This again takes more capital because of buying all the inventory, renting a retail spot, marketing, etc. It also takes more risk because if you fail, you will lose out on all the capital you put in. If you know you have something you could sell and the market desires and you have a passion for it, it is an option for you.

Make sure you do your research in your market before just jumping in. This is probably one of the riskiest of all businesses and the one most people fail at over time because of time & needed mental strength/perseverance. According to Forbes 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months. Not saying this is an option for you but be diligent and do your research!

Network Marketing – Potential to Make Lots of Money

Network marketing is another option. Network marketing is the ability to make money through selling products and then as well make money through other people that join your team. This comes through what they buy as well as what they sell to their customers. Some people call it a pyramid scheme but in reality I think of it as a great marketing strategy for a business. As now all their funds can go into improving the product.

You work from home, work on your own schedule, you’re your own boss, set your own hours, and your success or failure is much up to you. There are downsides as you need to talk to family and friends about selling stuff, will be meeting with people (if your not much of a people person), and will probably travel to events. This is great for people that find a business that your passionate about or have a product that your passionate about and know it will help people. Or just motivated by the potential residual income that could come as your team grows.

It is low risk, low amount of hours worked compared to the others, and your earning potential is unlimited. For true residual income, it is one of the best options. I have seen many women excel in this industry.

Affiliate Marketing – Low Risk & Passion

Affiliate Marketing is the marketing of products that are not your own but get paid commissions every-time someone buys something through your website. This is great for people that have a passion about a certain niche and love to write. Blogging and content gets people to your site which then they gain trust in you.

All About MarketingThrough this trust they buy the products you recommend and you get paid. Downside is you probably won’t talk to people a lot as most of your work and interaction is with people online. Great for people that have a passion in one certain area and enjoy writing. It is low risk as it takes little capital and gives you the ability to work from home.

Overview & Know There is A Better Option

Here is a rough overview of different businesses that women can get into. I do hope it was informational. Remember to find something that you have a passion about and/or the work you do is actually paying you well for the time commitment.

Saying everything I did, I know of a business like none of these that literally takes the money you’re spending and converts it into an income. Plus with 13 different industries to get into, one of those you will find a niche/passion in. A team that is motivated because everyone benefits when anyone does anything, buying or selling. Plus a corporate team that is constantly innovating to make things better and easier for you to make money.

And this just isn’t regular money, this is residual income, money that comes in even if you quit down the road. AND the real kicker is everything you build with the team is will-able to your kids. This is literally leaving you a legacy and prosperity for thousands of years to come. What I love is it can bring both passion and money easily into your lives, which most women need and want to create a happy and healthy life.

Hey, you probably think I am lying but I am not. You literally have never seen anything like this. Please either post below with questions or comments or contact me in my contact page if you want to know more about the business. Either way I hope you learned something while reading this article.

As always, Blessings & Grace.






Jesse Wahl


  1. Hi Jesse
    This is great, lots of info here. I’m a busy mum of four boys and I’m juggling school, sports, hobbies and I’m always trying to manage my time. I saying that, I would like to contribute financially and ease the pressure of my husband. Which of these would you recommend for me?

    • Hi Patty,
      For you, since you are a busy Mom of four, I would look at affiliate marketing or network marketing. Both allow you to work from home which is something your going to need. Long term, I think the business opportunity I am in will benefit you more because of the residual income and the income being will-able to your four kids. If your ok with me emailing you, we can discuss what I have going on. I would like to make sure your a good fit for my team as well as you being a good fit for the business. Comment below if your ok with me emailing you. Blessings and let me know if you have any more questions!

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