Best MLM Business Opportunity – Why Not Strike It The First Time.

You’re looking for the best MLM Business Opportunity out there. I’ve been there before, searching on Google and looking up different opportunities. Tried some out. I knew MLM was a good business model and it works, look at all the people that have become successful through it.

For the ones that don’t know MLM stands for multi-level marketing. That word that many people don’t like to hear. Others love it. It’s a love-hate relationship lol. I happen to love the idea behind it and love the products that people sell because they usually happen to be of better quality. Home Business

The idea of making commissions based off other peoples sales has been around since the late 1800’s when J.R. Watkins started the J.R. Watkins Medical Company in which associates could find other distributors and make a cut from what they sell. I think network marketing or MLM’s have allowed many ordinary people to succeed and become much more successful than what they could have on their own.

There is a short history into MLM’s but that is not why you are here so let’s get into the meat of it: Why do I think I have the best MLM business opportunity?

This One Pays Better

Why work hard, if you’re not going to get paid for it? Get the one that pays you the most for you’re buck. There are four types of MLM pay types: Unilevel, Binary, Matrix, & Breakaway. These all have some sort advantage and disadvantage but the company I am with is still different from all of these. It does have a binary pay system but most binary pay systems have declining volume as you’re leg gets deeper.

Money Growing On TreesNot with this one, you get 100% credit for everything that everyone does in you’re organization. There is no dilution of this amount. Everyone in you’re organization still gets 100%. This means fewer people you have to find to get paid the same amount. In fact in a normal MLM, it will take triple the amount of people to get paid the same amount. As they say work smarter, not harder…this company does exactly that!

Number of Products & Product Quality

This one has more products to sell. It is involved in 13 different product lines. Most have one, possibly two. This limits the amount of people to sell to. It also hinders the amount of people to prospect to. My company only enters multi-billion dollar markets, which means people are already buying these things, it’s just switching people over to a better quality product.

From health, skincare, weight-loss, personal care, home cleaning, auto care, pet care, lawn care, website management, financial products, make-up, reducing age, my company has it. And you may have no interest in make-up, but you may know someone that does, and they could become part of you’re team! Honestly, the way the corporate team set this up is pure brilliance.

Corporate Team is Better

Corporate team is unified. I have rarely seen a team so unified in helping to make sure this business is sustainable, make sure it’s members have residual income, make sure the website and products constantly improve, among other things. After going to my first convention, I realized that this company would be around for another 100 years, which means it is truly residual income. If you’re corporate team is not ethical or it’s products are not improving with the market, they will eventually go out of business and you will not have any residual income. This is a big one many people do not think about.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

This one creates a team rather than a competitive industry of franchisees. ThisTeams Make Money Together is one of my favorites because I love having people that want to help me and I love that they benefit when I buy or sell anything and I benefit when they buy or sell anything. Honestly I have never seen anything like this before, in any company. Since everyone get’s 100% with no dilution, you are trying to help everyone because you know you benefit and you create such a synergy of teamwork among you’re people.


You have me on you’re team, I am not trying to be prideful but I think I am a great asset that can help you along.


There are actually more reasons, to many to number but I hope you are intrigued by what I believe is the best MLM business opportunity out there. If you want to see what I am talking about and learn more, please contact me. Remember everything in life is educational, there is absolutely no pressure to do one thing or another. If you are serious about looking into network marketing/multi-level marketing, I think I have the right opportunity for you but if you look at it and are like, nope, I am totally cool with that. I want you to enjoy life as much as I do and do the things you love!

With Blessings & Grace,







Jesse Wahl

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