Herbalife Review – Better Options Out There For Network Marketing.

Not What They Say it IsHello and glad you are here.

You have heard of Herbalife and wondered about it as a business to get into but it can you really make as much as the people say?

There is a lot of hype around this company the last few years and seems like I have watched quite a few distributors pop up on my FB page. Sounds like their shakes help people lose weight. Well I want to look into this company more and look at the structure of their pay plan, products, and corporate team.

That was a good intro lol so let’s dive in quickly and effectively into this Herbalife review.

Compensation Plan – Set Up For Failure

To many legs.As I was researching the pay plan of Herbalife, it was the same old same old as most network marketing companies. You have legs and you get paid a certain % of each persons sales that they make. The problem with multiple legs is each new person you find is in direct competition with the other people in you’re other legs.

There is no benefit to anyone working together nor any unity, which is a big problem if you recruit from the same family or friend group. Because when they join it can cause a split among people on who they should join if interested. Which means you now have to recruit from all the other people in the world and can be less of a home business after all.

When you look at the pay plan of Herbalife as well you will see that you get paid on a declining percentage with each successive person that joins. So after the fifth person down or so, you are making nothing from them, which now their is less incentive to help this person on you’re team.

All in all, the average person will not succeed with the pay plan of Herbalife. Even if they did you could make double the money and have a happier team if you joined my company. This is because of the structure of our compensation plan and people sharing 100% of the credit in their legs.

Products – Not A Whole Lot To Sell

Now if you look at the products of the company, you’re basically selling weight loss shakes to people. This is one of their only products. I do see they are branching out into supplements which is good. Granted the weight loss industry is a big market, it still is harder to make it big when you’re only marketing to one market/industry.

Now when you compare it to my company which is in 13 different multi-billion markets, you’re options are endless and consumers to sell it too has increased a thousand fold. In fact, my company won’t get into a market unless it is a billion dollar market proven over time and not just a fad.

Corporate Team – Honest or Out for Themselves?

Not Happy People.Herbalife has been in the news for scandals and controversy. Still are at times. In fact, I just googled “Herbalife” today and went to the news section, this is what came up. Not very positive news. To me this means the corporate team is more focused on themselves making more money rather than focusing on how to make the average distributor a millionaire. If you don’t have an integrous creative corporate team, sooner or later they will fall.

This means you do not have residual income which is exactly why you got into network marketing in the first place. This is why it is so important to choose you’re network marketing company slowly and after research rather than just going off hype. If you’re business will not be around in 50 years, you do not have residual income and all that time and effort you put into the business will be wasted.

Compare that to my business which has an A+ rating with the BBB and been reward the torch award twice in the last five years. (Google it, this is a rare reward to receive, only given to those with the highest integrity) One of the first things I realized when I went to the convention for my company was that this company was going to be around in 100 years, creating truly residual income.

They are creative, fair, honest, inegrous, family, and truly want the average distributor to make six figures.


As you can probably see I am not the biggest fan of Herbalife. I do like Network Marketing but I do not think this company represents it well. This was a relatively short review and I think I could bring up many more negative things about the company if I really wanted too.

If you want to know more about my opportunity and why network marketing can be fair and awesome, either comment below or go to my contact page and put you’re info in their.

Or read my article I wrote about my opportunity HERE!

Hope you’re day is blessed and thanks for you’re time!






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