ItWorks Review – Better Options?

Or does it?Hi their, you are here looking at ItWorks. Seems like a reasonable company, sounds like their products work from customer reviews. But let’s get down into the nitty gritty of the company since you want to know if you can make money with this business. So here is my ItWorks Review!

Does It Really Pay?

I will pretty blunt with my review of this company and keep it pretty short. If you want to read more of how different compensation plans work I will be coming out with another blog post but basically this is another typical multiple legs network marketing plan.

Are you sure?As you can see with this picture, you need to have as many as five different qualified legs. Meaning you need to recruit five different people and then each of them need to find five different people in order for you to start making decent money.

Then each successive person you find will be in-competition with that person. And each successive person they find is in competition with the rest of your team. No one is benefiting from each other; other than the person that recruited them and you.

It looks like after the fifth person down in any one of your legs, you make no more commission. Meaning in order to increase your income, you need to continually add another leg which again they will be in competition with your other legs.

You know how many networks you need to know to get this many people? You would need to get people from your family, friends, workplace, church, other groups you volunteer for, talking to people while your shopping lol, etc.

It would be too much for the average person to succeed. And even if you do, I bet you could have doubled your money in that same amount of time with my company. You can read about that Here!

How Are The Products?

Looking at their product lines, they have a few options between health shakes/health drinks, keto products, skin care, and essential oils. Nice to see they are branching out into different product lines to help their distributors get into different markets as well as offer more for their customers.

Based on reviews they make quality products. For my taste I would like a company that is in more markets so I can convert more of my spending through my own business as well as have the option of selling more products to more customers. (Which is what my company does!)


There is another option!Like I said this was going to be a short review! Overall not the biggest fan of ItWorks, seems better than Herbalife personally but nothing compared to the company I am a part of.

If you want to know more about my opportunity and why network marketing can pay better for less of your time, either comment below or go to my contact page and put your info in their!

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Hope your day is blessed and thanks for your time!!






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