MaryKay Review – Is it All They Have Made it To Be?

Is it Everything Made Out To Be?You know by now I am a fan of network marketing and it is cool to see how long MaryKay has been around in the business. They were founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. They are based in Texas and have sales around $3 -$5 Billion a year which is great sales. Let’s do this MaryKay Review – I will hit on some good things I like first.

First if you are looking to understand more about network marketing, click on this link: HERE. I share more about what network marketing is. Some things I like about the company is that it is low cost to join at $100. Also, the company will buy back your products at 90% cost if you decide to quit in the 1st year. This is an amazing deal that not many companies do.

I have heard great reviews on their make-ups so you can tell they make quality products. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have $3 Billion in sales. So people must want and use them.

I have read before that when the great depression hit in the 30’s their were two products that did not slump in sales. They were make-up and cigarettes. That’s a good sign of a good industry to be in. People are willing to pay anything for cigarettes and make-up lol. Women want to look good!

Compensation Plan – Or Pyramid Scheme?

It's Not All That It is Made To BeWhen I started to look deeper into Mary-Kay it did have the same feel as any MLM even though they say they are not an MLM or Pyramid Scheme. You will see that you only make a certain % of sales from each recruit that you find, which when you start out is set at 4%.

The more recruits you find, you will see that you can get promoted and make a higher percentage from each team member you recruit, going up to 6% and eventually if you have recruited enough people to 13%.

Granted these team members need to be buying $600 worth of inventory each month (that’s a lot of makeup)! and need to do it all within in certain time frame to qualify. If you don’t make the cutoff, you lose all your volume or the % of sales they said you would make.

One of the biggest issues with all of this is the competition it’s going to create between all the members on your team. Since no one is sharing volume this creates a competitive dichotomy.

Everybody gets pinned against everyone else. You could have two close friends that launch together and now their fighting for basically the same warm market. This can breed jealousy and back stabbing! No fun!

For people with more analytical minds this will make more sense as you can see how hard this would be with the average person. Average people don’t have the normal sales skills to make this happen.


The other thing with Mary-Kay is they focus on one product line. Make-up, we all know this lol! The good is they put all their research efforts into this one product line, the bad is that it narrows your prospects down to one line. You will only be able to sell to women cutting off half the population.

Now the product thing is small compared to the payment plan for me. Average people will not be able to succeed with this business! It will take too much effort and too much time if they do! When you could do half the time and work and make just as much, and you can still sell make-up!!! (Which I believe my company has higher quality)


And with my plan you are truly building residual income, so much so that it is will-able to your kids. You’re actually building an income for your kids and their kids that will change their lives forever, allowing them to pursue their dreams and passions from a young age.

Also, in 13 different multi-billion product categories allowing you to have a larger market to sell too.

Cannot Be Beat!A pay plan that pay’s out and statistically possible for the average person to succeed.

A corporate team that is ethical and forward thinking (think 30 years ahead of time)

See my article on the benefits of my plan HERE! There are to many to name off here.

And women, if your looking for what to look for in a business, click HERE.

Contact me for more information, you want to see my plan. It is changing the industry and will change the way people shop.

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