Best MLM Business Opportunity – Why Not Get 100% of What Everyone Is Doing.

Better is Always Better than GoodYour looking at different business opportunities and different MLM’s. Wondering which one to get into, there are tons out there! It can be overwhelming, I know I have been there.

But sometimes it is the structure of the business that is setting you up to fail from the start. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with network marketing. In fact I love it!

There are not many businesses where if you succeed you can have the life you have with network marketing.

Think about it: low starting costs, low overhead, NO employees, not much capital to pour into it, and if a good company and you built it right, when you walk away you will have a check coming in for the rest of your life.

I know network marketing gets a hit from people but when you see the above statement, it is a legitimate business. I believe the biggest reason network marketing gets hit so bad is because of the low cost of entry.

Since almost anyone has the money to start one, they quit after a few months, and blame the model. Tell me how many people have built a successful long-term business in 2-3 months? It takes time!

I will be real here, if your looking for a get rich quick scheme, I am not your person. If your looking for a legitimate business that can cause you to make more money than you ever thought if you stick with it, and with hard work, I am your man.

My name is Jesse and I am 29 now and if there is one thing I can tell you is to find a network marketing business that you actually think will be around in 10-15 years.

If the company your thinking of joining is a fad or only has one product line, it can very well go out of business for the next great thing in a matter of time. Residual income is only residual if the company is still around in 50-100 years.The Money That Doesn't Stop

So what is the best MLM business opportunity? I have tried different MLM’s. I have done research and looked at different pay plans. I have looked into different markets to get into (which ones are hot) and let me tell you why I know this business is the best:

  1. This business creates a team, one where people are encouraging and wanting to help people along. Why? Because what I do benefits you and what you do benefits me. There is no other business like this and guess what, it’s 100% credit. There is no dilution like other network marketing companies!
  2. In 13 different multi-billion dollar markets. I used to be part of companies which only sold one product or had one niche product. It is hard to get ahead when you are limiting your market to one niche area.
  3. The shopping annuity, converting all the spending your doing into earning. Since your buying everything through your own business and your own portal, you get paid. When you partner with other business owners that want to do the same, you make even more money!
  4. The training, podcasts, events, the corporate team are all set up for you. When I went to the international event in 2017, the one thing that hit me was this company was going to be around in 100 years. Network marketing and residual income only works if the company will be around till you die. This company will be. And this is huge.
  5. When you build with this company, you are building a legacy. Anything you build and all the residual income you build is willable to your kids. So not only after you die is the money going to stop, you are literally setting up your kids for success and prosperity. This is a generational blessing you are building.
  6. To become successful in most mlm’s you have to have six or more people in your legs. With this company you only need two and only focusing on two legs. The pay plan is beyond anything you have seen. I have an accounting degree and seen many different types of business, but never seen anything like this. I receive 100% credit for everything my team does (buying or selling), they receive 100% credit for I do (buying or selling). No dilution (this is unheard of in most network marketing companies). Honestly since I am a numbers guy, I thought how could this business still be in business. After some research, I did figure it out but it still blows my mind till this day!
  7. Did I mention the shopping annuity, this is like Costco but insteadCreating Your Own Economy of paying for a membership, you and anyone that partners with you are going to get paid for the things you buy already. This business is literally creating your own economy, one where the bigger corporations can’t compete because we are locked down in unison.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please comment below with any questions! Or if your interested in hearing about the actual company, products, and business model, go to my “Contact Me” page and fill out the information or email me at jesse@getabetteroption.com!

Blessings & Grace,


Jesse Wahl


  1. Hello Jesse and great article.
    The program you have described here definitely doesn’t sound like other MLM’s I have came into contact with in the past.
    The ones I had experienced I did not stay long do to the amount of upsells.
    What would be the total cost of this opportunity that you are speaking of?

    • Lee Ann,
      Why don’t I email you personally so you can take a look for yourself. I just don’t want you sell you on something, I want you to tase and see how great of an opportunity it is. We can talk numbers later but it’s relatively cheap and low risk compared to other business ventures. Honestly I don’t like talking numbers right away because I want to make sure the person is a good fit for my team and for yourself, this is a good business for you. Comment below if your ok with me emailing you. Blessings!

  2. Seriously… this has got to be the best MLM articles I have ever read. Every article I have read is so negative and calling all MLM companies a scam.
    It’s refreshing to read something like this so thank you sharing.

    • Patty,
      Appreciate your comment. Yes it all comes down to the corporate team. Are they working for you to make your business better or are they working to make themselves more money. To many MLM’s are the 2nd one :(. Hope you have a blessed day!

  3. Jesse,
    Your article has peaked my interest! I do not get involved with MLM and have heard in the past never get involved, the only people who make money with MLM are the ones at the top. So what makes this one so different? You did not mention the name of the company in your article? I would love to learn more.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your time in reading my article and your response!

      I would agree, in most network marketing companies it is set up for the people at the top to succeed. The way the CEO of this company set this up was for the average person to succeed. I can tell you statistics and flabergast you with numbers but really it works and thousands of people are making money with this company, all by converting the money they are already spending into earning! 

      I would love to show you, you could personally message me through Facebook or my email address of jesse@getabetteroption.com


      or if you want to respond below with your email address.

      I would love to show you how this plan works and get you on the path of success with network marketing!


    • Kerry,
      Absolutely! I will send the info to your email address. Thanks for commenting and hope you are having a blessed day!


  4. Hi jesse!Interesting article! let me answer this way …MLM as a way of earning is definitely not a scam, but the companies behind it can be. I experienced myself as well many years ago when trying to start online marketing and earning some bucks. After working hard, organizing webinars, internationally, the group of people increased nicely, but the company closed their doors because bankruptcy. As they told to the people.That was all fine, but company made millions and the people were gone, the products as well. I did never join any MLM company again. MLM is very hard but many people made a lot of money from it, especially those who jumped immediately after launch of the product. If you are lucky to build fast a downline and to make it so big that can last long, you made it. You can make millions, otherways the whole effort will be waste of time. Besides, the company must be proven solid company, present on the market for years. Even biggest companies in the world are implementing MLM in their business selling strategies, because is cheaper for them to sell that way. Ti summarize, in my opinion and according to my humble experience in MLM arena, I can say that MLM doesn’t have to be scam, it is possible to make money with it but one needs to act fast, take massive action on a daily basis, build quickly a big downline and work on it many hours daily in order to have success in a long-term. 

    Besides, the company being  promoted must be solid, proven and for at least 5-10 years present online, if we are speaking about online business, although MLM is actually mainly offline business.Thanks anyway for the great post and wish you much success with MLM!Best regards!

    • Thank you Igor!

      I do think there have been a lot of scams in the past with MLM’s and I am sorry to hear about your story. I do think you make it sound harder than what it is for you to become successful in this arena and business. If building with a particular company, I do agree that a lot of your effort and time will be wasted. This has only gotten clearer to me as I do more and more research. 

      Which is the reason I joined with my company. It is different and built for the long-term!

      Stay blessed Igor!

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