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You Can Do It!Network Marketing is a great business model. One that gets it’s amount of flack for being a pyramid scheme or only those that pay people at the top. This is true for certain companies in network marketing. And I have been a part of them so I know what many people are talking about. I have been their. I feel you.

In this article I am going to go through a network marketing companies list. A list of different companies in network marketing. Actually I would love to but if I named everyone it would take up at least 100 pages lol. I do want to explain what network marketing is and a brief history and since I have been in this industry for a while now, I want to layout what you should look for in a network marketing company. If you’re new, take this information to heart as it will save you time and money in the end. Learn from my mistakes.

Brief History – Real Brief!

Network Marketing came around in the late 1800’s. The idea of making commissions based off other peoples sales came around when J.R. Watkins started the J.R. Watkins Medical Company in which associates could find other distributors and make a cut from what they sell. I think network marketing has allowed many ordinary people to succeed and become much more successful than what they could have on their own. Even though it has had it’s streams of negative press through the years.

There are so many companies are out their that it would be hard to name every network marketing company out their. Statistics show that their is somewhere between 700 to 1,500 active MLM companies in the USA. That is a lot! Basically it would be impossible to put every company in this article, unless I had a few months of my time to devote to it and you had a few days to read lol. What I will say is to look at you’re options. A great resource I have found in finding rankings is


They rate the popularity of each network marketing company based off data from the previous month. A great place to start if you’re looking at what is trending currently.

Like I said before, being in this industry for a while now I want to layout what you should look for in a network marketing company. If you’re new, take this information to heart as it will save you time and money in the end!!!! I promise you!!! Learn from my mistakes!! Things to look for:

Pay Structure – Is it Worth Your Time?

I think number one is if you’re going to get paid for you’re time? I mean you’re looking to get into business, are you going to make money? I have researched these businesses and many you have to work way to hard and have way to many people to be successful. The best way to put it is: the system is working against you! So you need to look at how much time you have and see if it’s in you’re schedule.

If a network marketing company is asking for more than 8-15 hours a week, it’s probably not going to work. It may work for you, but you got to remember you need to build with other people. More than 8-15 hours a week is not duplicatable! And everything in network marketing needs to be duplicatable otherwise it will fail.

The Pay Structure of the plan itself will often show you if it is worth you’re time. But this can be hard to understand if you’re new to this type of business and don’t understand legs or other jargon. Many out their have you build legs with declining percentages the further you go down. I am telling you this will be to hard for you. And only the elite rock stars make the money in these organizations.

This is like coming into an organization and being told anyone can make this much money. Guess what, not everyone is born with the same talents and gifts. Which is why the top 5% of basketball and football players are the ones that make it professionally. Same here, if it’s one of these pay plans. It’s only catered to the 5% with the skills. There is a lot of businesses like this out their so do you’re research.

Residual Income – Or is it?

Is the business going to be around in 10 years? Any network marketing company you get into won’t matter if the opportunity is no longer around in 10 years. This is a big one guys and one people don’t think about often enough. They look at the popularity list from the website above and get into one of those. Thinking that things stay popular forever, but many are fads and trends, and fade away with time.The Money That Doesn't Stop

Can you imagine if you work you’re butt off for five years creating a six figure RESIDUAL income and then the business goes bankrupt and all that money is gone. I often say it here on my website but residual income isn’t residual if the opportunity you signed up for isn’t going to be around in 50 years. Think smart about the opportunity you get into.

One of the markers of a good business is if the business is older than 10 years. I have an accounting degree and know quite a bit about finance. For a bank, the ten-year mark shows a huge mark of stability and perseverance.

Most business don’t make it past that mark because people give up, product isn’t demanded by consumers, family tragedy, poor management, etc. In fact if a business makes it past that point, banks will lower interest rates for them if they need more credit because of a deeper level of trust.

So any network marketing opportunity, look at the long term and try to find one that has a stable level on the market. This means you’re chance of residual income is actually residual!

Product Selection & Quality – Will You Use This Stuff!

Do you like them, do they smell good :), are they of good quality? Any network marketing business isn’t going to work if you don’t like the products nor think they are of quality. This should be less of a problem in network marketing since more of their money goes into the product rather than advertising. But there’s always some!

I will sometimes say with a network marketing business you have to sacrifice what you want in order to focus on the money aspect of it. You may love TIDE for washing clothes but in order for you and you’re team to make money, you may have to buy the laundry detergent from you’re own company. To me this is worth it! To some it may not, but focus on what is going to pay you and build that residual income. Tide doesn’t pay you!

Teamwork – Like The People Around You

Success should breed more success. When you succeed in you’re company, it should help another person out. And it should be celebrated. To many network marketing companies have structures set up that are competitive and can turn dirty quickly. It means you make no friends within the people you’re working with.

Teamwork Is KeyIn fact, you will probably just make enemies causing more stress in you’re life. Any company you look at, make sure people benefit when someone succeeds and that the people celebrate their success. There is more than enough to go around. I do not like when people live with a lack mentality and it’s only about them.

Corporate Team – Integrity is Key

Look at the corporate team of the company you’re looking at. This is vital! Are they ethical? Or are they corrupt? This ties into the “is it actual residual income” from above. Because if the company is not integrous, they will not be around in 10 years. One of the best ways of finding out if their a sound company is looking at the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


This is a third party independent company that does reviews. You can find negative or positive for about anything you search on Google for any company, which is why I like the BBB. There straight forward and let you know how many customers or employee complaints their are against a certain business.


That is a good wrap up, you should have a better idea of what you’re looking for in a Network Marketing Company. We didn’t get through a full list but their are too many to name. Hopefully you have a better idea of what to look for.

Remember to keep these factors at play: you’re time, residual income, pay structure, products, teamwork, and the corporate team. If you want to know what I think is the best opportunity out their after all the research I have done, please contact me! There is a better option and a better opportunity out their for you to succeed.

Slight Sneak Peek Into The Better Option:

I do have a business that is an A+ in all these categories. What it does is it takes the money you’re earning and converts it into an income.Better is Always Better than Good

  • With 13 different industries to get into, one of those you will find a niche/passion in. All high quality products.
  • A team that is motivated because everyone benefits when anyone does anything, buying or selling.
  • A corporate team that is constantly innovating to make things better and easier for you to make money.
  • A pay plan that is by far the most lucrative of any company I HAVE ever searched.
  • And this just isn’t regular money, this is residual income, money that comes in even if you quit down the road. I have no doubt this business will be around in 100 years.
  • AND the real kicker is everything you build with the team is will-able to you’re kids. This is literally leaving you a legacy and prosperity for thousands of years to come.

What I love is it can bring both passion and money easily into you’re lives, which most people need and want to create a happy and healthy life. Again contact me or comment below with any questions.

Blessings & Grace!,






Jesse Wahl


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