New MLM Companies – Why You Should Look At The Long Term Approach.

You’re looking for the newest MLM companies. There are a lot of them and Working Hard Pays Offnew ones coming all the time. It can be overwhelming.

I have been their and have done lots of research on newest trends and up and coming products.

But, If you’re serious at looking at new MLM companies you should take a multi-level approach at it. And after doing this a while and being in business for a good decade now, having the newest thing isn’t always what you should be looking for. Below, I will layout what you should be looking for in any MLM company (or really any business opportunity for that matter) to have long-term success.

Will They Be Around in 10 Years?

It Takes Time to Make MoneyYou can’t have residual income if you’re company goes out of business in 10 years. Neither can you if the business goes out in 20 or 30 (depending on you’re age). To many people are jumping on the hottest trend home based businesses when many are going to be gone in the next 10 years. And if you don’t believe me, comment below on the 10-year mark if you’re business made it :). Let me tell you tho, this is vital! I will repeat: residual income isn’t residual if you’re business doesn’t make it long term.

Which Products are They Offering?

Are they actually good? Will they be around in 10 years? (this is a big one to think about) Are the markets they are in multi-billion dollar markets? (meaning is their ample demand for the products). Do you think the products are good and of good quality?

How many markets are they in? This is a great question because so many companies only focus on one product. You maybe able to sell one product line but it narrows the amount of people that want to join you’re team. You maybe have a passion for weight loss but if you’re business also has make-up, then you can have someone join you’re team that loves to sell makeup; meaning more money for you! Make sure you have some heart for the products you’re selling, if you don’t have a heart or passion for some products, it will be harder for you to sell.

What’s The Pay Plan Like?

Ok I have seen to many pay plans out their that are absolutely rip-offs or way toTime is Everything hard for the average person to make it. It kind of sickens me after a while. You need to look at how many people do you need in you’re team to make decent income. Does the plan you’re looking at create a lot of competition among the team or do they try to unify you? If it creates competition, this will only lead to jealousy and decisiveness, no fun :(.

How is The Corporate Team?

Are they ethical? Are they working for me? Are they inspiring? Are they trying to make the company and products better and better? (This helps sustain long-term growth). These questions you need to be thinking about. If they are not ethical or integrous, they will not be around in 10 years. Eventually everyone gets caught and their goes you’re residual income.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

As you can see their is a lot to think about when looking into any business, especially a new MLM company. It can be fun to jump onto the latest trend or fad that people want but as I have shown you, it will just end up costing you money and time in the end. Find one that is for you, has products you like, and will actually be around 100 years from now. I have that solution!

When you take a look at a business with this mindset and have a long-term approach to any business, I think once you do the math, the business I am showing you will pique you’re interest.

-Business has been around for 25 years (Making more money every quarter since the year 2000).

-A+ rated by BBB (If you’re going to do research on a company the BBB is one of the most unbiased companies you can find). You can find a negative review about anything online. And To have an A+ rating with the BBB is quite hard to come by. Also, won the torch award in 2013 & 2017 (Probably don’t understand but can discuss with you later).

-A pay plan where statistically anyone can do it. Research was done showing that the average person (not you’re very charismatic person that is really good in sales and with people) can find 2.8 people to be interested in their business. The CEO of the of this company dropped the .8 and said each person only needs to find 2. So statistically speaking most everyone can make money with this business.

-Everyone on you’re team gets 100% credit for what you do and you get 100% credit for what they do. I said it 100% credit! There is no dilution. This is unheard-of and when I seen this plan for the first time, I said it can’t be. I have an accounting degree so was wondering how the math works out. But it does and let me tell you it is legit!

-In 13 different multi-billion dollar markets that are in high demand and have proven success. From House Cleaning, Make-up, Health, Weight Loss, Personal Care, Auto Care, Skin Care, Pet Care, Financial Management, Website Management, Saving Money. There are endless ways to make money with this company.

-A Corporate team that is on fire and making everything better. One thing I learned when I went to their convention, is that this team is for me and will be around for the next 100 years. It is the same corporate team that started it 25 years ago, they are loyal, creative, and always thinking long term which is what I love.

Comment below if you want more information or have questions. Contact me if you want more information about the opportunity (go to my contact page), not only do you get the things above but you get me on you’re team as well. And I am FOR You! I hope this helped you and know that you can succeed! And I have no issues if you have no interest after seeing the plan, this is no pressure. Stay relaxed and blessed!







Jesse Wahl

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