Princess House Review – A House of Cards?

Is it a House of Cards?Hello Everyone! Princess House is quite popular, according to website MLM Rankings it is rated number one in their popularity list. I wanted to look more into this company to find out why people are looking into it! So here is my Princess House review.

I have been looking into princess house and have to say it is hard to find information on the history and information about how it started. There is not even a Wikipedia page on it!

I really had to dig down more to find out more information! I did find out it started in 1963 by entrepreneur Charlie Collis. I checked out their website and like the number of products they sell and that you can buy.

It looks like you could fill out your whole kitchen with stuff from their company. Literally almost everything. I like that they have found their niche and stuck to it.

Stuff is not on the cheap end but that is typical with most network marketing companies and expected as much.

Compensation Plan – The House of Cards

They have quite the compensation plan which again is hard to find. I had to do someA Compensation Plan Destined To Fail searching on my own to find it from a 3rd party. Looks like you get 25% commissions on everything you sell with the more you sell the higher percentage you get.

It is your typical MLM in the sense of you get a certain percentage of sales of anyone you prospect into the business. With declining percentages as the levels go down further and further.

Which means if you want to increase your business you will continue to have to find more and more people to speak to.

This is the house of cards which I speak about because since you cannot build in depth like my company, it can be a house of cards that is spread out very thin. If you are really good with sales and people, you could make this succeed but the average person will not. And it will be harder to sustain the truly residual income once you quit, meaning it’s not truly residual!

After looking at this review, this one looks very MLMish and very standard of typical MLM’s. This is probably because of how old the company is and that is what they did back then. It kind of reminds me of Amway which would make sense, PH probably got some of their ideas from them.

Overall Assessment

What do I like about PH:

  • looks like high quality cookware
  • the number of products they carry for the kitchen
  • you get your own site

What I don’t like:

  • typical MLM compensation plan
  • competitive environment
  • high prices
  • corporate team does not seem very forward thinking
  • hard to find info on them as well as on compensation plan

Conclusion – Better Options!

Cannot Be Beat!Saying everything I said I would not join this company. It would be too hard for the average person to make it. If you are looking for the best network marketing company I have found after all my searching, look below. And I have been doing some hard searching!

Take my wisdom and time and effort into looking into all these different companies. Just a few of the benefits of my company:

  • -One where you receive 100% credit for everything you do and that includes everyone on your team.
  • -Where your corporate team is innovative and for you, constantly creating new products that are in demand
  • -Where you are in 13 different multi-billion dollar markets, allowing you to buy and sell too many industries and people.
  • -Where you are part of the shopping annuity in which you are literally just shifting your buying habits through your own business and you build a sustainable annuity through that.

These are just a few of the benefits of joining my company. There are many more which you can read about HERE!! Expect great things and would love to help you along on this journey!!

Let me know your thoughts and questions below. Thank you for your time!

As always, Blessings & Grace!,






Jesse Wahl

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