What About Network Marketing – Let Me Tell You Why It Is Worth It.

The Best OptionNetwork marketing that infamous word. It scares some. Others it excites. It has become that name many don’t want to think about. Do I have to call my neighbor? Or my family? Or my friend? lol

So what about network marketing? Is it worth it? OK I think network marketing is awesome. It is one of the best ways to build residual income out there. As you will hear me say often on my website, residual income is the bread and butter of financial freedom. It is getting paid while you are sleeping. It is getting paid around the clock.

Residual Income – The Bread & Butter of Financial Freedom

Linear pay is getting paid while you are working, also known as hourly pay. Residual income is getting paid while you are working or not working. It is non-linear! As a famous man I heard quote one day said, “if you knew what residual income was, you would run through a brick wall to get it.”

Network marketing is one of the best ways to build residual income. First of all network marketing is the ability to make income based off of what people buy from you, what you buy from yourself, and what people in your team buy and sell from either themselves or others. It is this ability to make money from others on your team that allows you to build residual income.The Better Option

Other Options – Not All Created Equally

To look at other options for residual income, you would be looking at real estate, blogging, affiliate marketing, author, running a business and then selling rights, etc. There are others but these are some of the main ones out there.

Some of these I do like, and I think are great options! I own a house currently and renting it out for a good cash flow. This I plan on holding for the rest of my life which should continue to provide me income (as long as the market doesn’t completely collapse lol).

But still I need to maintain it and fix it up over time. Still, I need to continue to find good tenants. Still, I need to take phone calls about fixing things. As you can see this is a form of residual income but there is still work to it!

What I am trying to say is that not all residual income is created equally! And this is where I think network marketing has a great edge. You build a team and when you walk away, the money will come in for the rest of your life.

Network Marketing – Not All Created Equally Either

Now let me say that there is a lot of poor quality network marketing companies out there. One’s where it will be hard to succeed, hard to build a residual income, hard to build a team. Why? Because they are set up for rock stars, they are set up for the elite, they are set up for the corporate team to make all the money.So Many Options

Stay away from these companies (I have been a part of some), they will waste your time, money, and resources. Use my experience to trust me that I believe I have found the best network marketing company out there. I will explain more later.

I am saying all this to show you that I understand there has been a lot of abuses in this industry. And honestly a lot of things that have been said are true about network marketing. But as they say do not throw out the baby with the bath water. There are ethical companies out there that want you to succeed and are actually working for you as an independent business owner.

Are creating quality products, creating teamwork, creating pay systems that are for you. Like I have said I believe I have found the best one. And even if you don’t think this is the best one, I hope you take away that network marketing is great business model for many people. That it has helped many people succeed and become financially free.

What if There Was A Better Option

So what do I have to offer?

A business that:

-a pay plan that is set up for you to succeed. With a degree in accounting, I honestly never seen anything like it. And being a numbers guy, this is what drew me in. Seeing many types of businesses before, I couldn’t believe that everyone on the team can get 100% of what everyone is doing.

This is beside the point that anything you buy and sell can be put on your lowest leg so your team receives 100% of everything you do. Most companies you only benefit your up-line, not so with this company, anything you do benefits your down line as well. 100% with no dilution!

-OK, I am going to send you to this link where I explain more the benefits of my company. I have already written an article on this so why write everything again, plus it goes more in depth. Just Click Here! Plus you will get me on your team, someone that has experience and wants to help. My heart is for you to grow and prosper!

Conclusion – Network Marketing Is A Great Option

You should understand more about network marketing and why I believe it is a great option. However, you take this, trust there are great companies out there that want you to succeed. And that network marketing is a great option for people to succeed.

Comment below if you have any questions or remarks. Contact me on my contact page if you are interested to know more. It’s always free to look at and see if it is an opportunity for you.

Hope you enjoyed the article and hope it benefited your life in some way!

Blessings & Grace!,






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