What Is Residual Income In Network Marketing – Is It Possible?

The Pathway to ProsperityResidual Income – We are all thinking about it? It truly is the gateway to financial freedom. As I often say on here the bread and butter of financial freedom. It allows you to get paid outside of your time.

But what is residual income in network marketing? How does residual income with network marketing work? Is it possible to have residual income with network marketing? Is all residual income in network marketing companies the same?

These are all great questions! And if looking into network marketing, you want to know what you’re getting into! Let me help answer these questions.

So What is Residual Income in Network Marketing – How Does it Work?

Residual Income in network marketing works by receiving income, sales, points, commissions, etc. from the sales and buying of products from people on your team and/or downline/upline (for some companies). This also includes sales and products you buy yourself but what makes network marketing enticing is the fact is you can make money from other peoples sales and buying habits.

Which one is Better?Since you get a percentage of everything they buy or sell, you earn money no matter what. This is what makes it residual. This is what allows you to walk away later on and still make money. This is of course you have put the time and effort into building a successful business and motivated team. You’re making money from their sales and the team their building.

Is it possible to have residual income with network marketing?

Absolutely it is possible, thousands if not millions of people already are making residual income from the teams they have built. Many retired with the checks still coming in.

The question is that it is not only possible but quite doable with the proper training, dedication, and hard work of an individual that wants to build a team. I know many individuals myself that have great income coming in from the money their making from the team they’ve built.

Is all residual income in network marketing companies the same?

This is where the differences come in with different companies and different pay structures. Some companies you will have to work hard in order to get residual income. Some companies you will be able to work less.

The best way to describe this is you will need fewer people in your organization in order to get paid for the same amount. Some network companies, based off the pay structure set up, you need thousands of people in your team or downline in order to make six figures.

Other network companies you only need hundreds if not even less to make the same amount of money. It is all based off the pay structure set up. This is why I tell people to do their research before joining a network marketing company. Not all pay is the same.

The pay structure set up is vitally important to know how it works before joining. Some sleek man that is good with sales and that is charismatic could easily sway you into joining a business that will only be detrimental to you or one that you are at a disadvantage because of how the pay structure is set up.

You could look at different pay structure’s HERE

Doing your research in the right company is quite vital for you to succeed in this You Must Do Your Homeworkindustry. If not you could be putting a lot of hours in for little pay.


In conclusion, I hope this article helps you know more about residual income in the context of network marketing. Residual income really is the bread and butter of financial freedom and figuring out ways to get it is smart. In fact, do everything in your power to figure out how to build it and get it. You will not regret it.

Being in this industry for a while, I have researched many of these companies and strongly believe I have found the best one. The one that not only has a great pay structure but also high quality products in many product lines, teamwork among your associates, a great corporate team that is ethical, and the shopping annuity.

Please leave comments below if you have any questions or contact me on my contact page if you would like to know more information!

Blessings & Grace wherever you are!






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