What is The Best Network Marketing Company – After My Research, Let Me Tell You

Always Choose The BestHey you are here looking for the best, the most lucrative, the highest compensation plan, the best products, the best corporate team, you are looking for the best option in the network marketing world!!!!

At one time I would have laughed at you and said their is no way one company can deliver all of this. Sounds like a pipe dream to me, especially in the network marketing world which has gotten a lot of bad flack in the past.

But I am glad you’re here. And gladly I have been proven wrong. I used to be searching like you for the best option out their. I even joined some companies that really weren’t that great but I tried them and learned. You can learn something from every opportunity you have in life. Some of you’re best learning opportunities are when you fail. So what is the best network marketing company?

A Little Testimony

I did learn that it was much harder to do some of the things than what they said. Selling cleaning products is much harder than what it seems (even if their natural and safer). I also realized how important it is to have a heart behind the product, business, and company that you become a part of.

So I got out of that company and kept going on in life. Deep down I knew that network marketing was a way to financial freedom and a great business model. I just needed to find the right company. Honestly I didn’t search a lot for a company to join, I just stayed focused on getting my accounting degree but one finally did come to me through a mentor of mine.

I was very skeptical at first but I respected him a ton so decided to listen and go to one of the business presentations. It was a lot of information at first but was intrigued by the numbers. Being an accountant and liking the numbers, this continually stuck out to me how much I could make with so many fewer people on my team than the other business I was a part of in the past.

I was intrigued enough to go to another business presentation which then led to be more intrigued and go to one more. After the third one, everything made sense. This company seemed like a no brainer to me.

Was I in LaLa Land

Honestly it seemed too good to be true. Everyone sharing 100% credit of their purchases and sales. No dilution. I kept thinking how does the company itself make money, wouldn’t they go bankrupt! I later learned how it doesn’t, and I have to give it to the CEO of the company who pioneered this payment system that no one has been able to duplicate since. It is pure genius and creates teamwork rather than competition among it’s members.

The shopping annuity also intrigued me a lot. The shopping annuity is converting you’re current spending into earning. You take everything you’re buying currently and convert this spending through you’re own business and it will pay you like an annuity. This was genius as well as it really doesn’t cost you anything to be in the business. You just convert you’re current products to you’re business’s products.

Residual Income – Now Were Talking!

Residual income, let’s be real residual income is the gateway to financial freedom. It is what everyone wants. The ability to make money while they sleep, vacation, or do anything in life.

The problem you have with network marketing, is if you’re business or company is not integrous, make products the market is going to demand for the next 50-100 years, or be revolutionary and creative in their thinking: You will not have residual income when you retire.

So residual income is not residual if you’re company is not going to be around in 50 years. Remember this!

Always Create Deep RootsLongevity – A Company You Want

Once I went to the convention with my company, after the weekend was out, one of the first things that hit me was this company was going to be around for the next 100 years, creating truly residual income.

Why did I believe this?:

  1. Corporate team is a family that truly wants to make every owner succeed in this business. They are revolutionizing this business platform to make it easier for owners to get paid and make truly residual income. Never seen such integrity, family values, teamwork, and hope before in a corporate team.
  2. Company was started in 1992 which means they have been around for over 25 years. And the crazy thing is each successive quarter they have had higher revenue. This includes during the 07-08 housing crash, they still increased their sales. Shows they have great products!
  3. They have great products in over 13 multi-billion dollar markets. So many companies only have one or two good products. It limits you’re sales and potential customers. I absolutely love the products and their quality. Plus this fuels the shopping annuity, the ability to convert you’re spending into earning talked about earlier.
  4. Teamwork, this company has built a culture where people help each other in increasing their income. I mean when you are their, you can tell people genuinely want you to succeed. The cool thing is if their on you’re team, they get 100% credit for everything you buy and sell. Tell me another company that does that.
  5. Like I already mentioned the pay structure of this plan compared to other network marketing businesses is unheard-of and much easier for you to make commissions checks than other companies. Where you would need 1,000’s in you’re downline to make six figures, you only need 100’s in this company.


Your probably intrigued about the opportunity at this point. I know I can come off excited about it. At this point just put in you’re contact information in my contact page so I can send you some information on it, see if you’re a good fit for my team, see if you’re actually interested, and go from their.

I do appreciate you’re time,

Blessings & Grace!,






Jesse Wahl

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