Young Living Essential Oils Review – Is The Business As Alive As The Oils?

All it is made to be?Hi my name is Jesse and excited you are here reading this!

You know it is crazy to think how fast essential oils have grown this past decade. It seems like everyone has them or has bought them recently. Renowned for their health giving properties and decadent smell, essential oils have taken off!

I did a little research and from the period from 2007 to 2017, essential oils sales have risen seven fold. Young Living being one of the main benefactors and reasons of this rise!

I am going to do a review of the business aspect of this company. Can you make money? Can the average person make money? Is their anything that sets this company a part or is it just another hope filled dream gone wrong?

History & Saturation – Great Beginnings But Will It Last?

When I started looking into the company, the owner had a great start and can tell he has a passion for essential oils and believes in them. They helped him get rid of cancer which is why he started growing them and eventually sold them.

I enjoyed reading his story, but after the story can you make money? First of all, what I don’t like about it: is how saturated the market has become for essential oils. Showing that essential oils market has risen seven fold in the last 10 years shows that at some point it is going to plateau.

When things rise that quickly, it often means a lot of hype in the products. Since everyone else is buying them, I should too, are what people are thinking. This mentality can take over peoples mind. It reminds me of a bubble.

I think some of these essential oils are helping people but a lot it’s not doing much for and they are going to move on eventually to try the next new product. The next new fad. Probably hemp oil.

Besides so many other companies have jumped in to this market at much better prices, the industry has gotten quite competitive. So number one reason I would not get into this business, is because of the over-saturation of the market.

Compensation Plan – Pretty Typical

Typical MLMNow let’s look at the compensation plan. I found their pdf document from their website and immediately noticed it’s a typical MLM. There are legs. And the more legs the more money you make.

Now you may not understand what legs are if you are new to network marketing. Legs are basically a business organization. You could consider each leg like owning a different McDonalds franchise in a different location. You have different people you are working with and a different group of competition at each place.

In network marketing the fewer legs, the better, since you need fewer people to work with. With Young Oils, it is a typical MLM. You have many legs and you make less and less on each successive person that joins that leg.

The picture above shows this: you start with 8% commission on everything that person does in a first leg (This would be the person you sponsor). 2nd level you get 5% (This would be the first person that a first person sponsored), 3rd level 4%, etc.

I hope this makes sense, it is declining percentages in each level till pretty soon at zero. Meaning you constantly need to be building a business to increase your income I am telling you I KNOW a way better system!

Products – I Approve

I looked at the number of products they have and have to say I am impressed. From personal care, home cleaning, baby care, health supplements, and more. I will say I was impressed with how much they offer.

This makes it easier for each independent business owner to change all their products through their business as well as more options to sell to people around you which I like.

And we all know the quality of Young Living’s products are very good. I have heard great reviews from customers before.

Protection of Distributors?

Another beef that is going to make it hard for the average person to make it is this: You can find their products easily on Amazon & EBay for much lower costs than buying them through a distributor website.

Could Be BetterEBAY - That Much CheaperCheck out my screenshots that I just took today. The one on EBay is literally the same price as wholesale which means you would make no retail profit on a sale if you matched their price. So you might have a friend or family member interested in a product, they go search online and they can find it 20% cheaper online.

They will have a dilemma on who to stick with. I have had a few friends that this happened too with a different company. It sucks, you put the time and effort in to make the sale and someone else gets the benefit.

It is sad but online has made it that much more competitive and if the corporate team of the company doesn’t crack down on this behavior, usually the lowest level people have the hardest time making it.

The thing is the corporate team may not want to put that much time into it because they are making the same amount of money either way. But if they were truly looking out for each distributor, they would do such a thing. Like my company does!

Conclusion – Better Options!

On scale from 1 to 10 I would give Young Living a six. I like the number of products they offer as well as how they began, which is why I gave it above a five. Compensation plan and poor corporate protection of beginning distributors is the things I don’t like.

Now I have been in the network marketing industry for a while and have researched a lot of these companies’s (as well as been part of some). Take from my experience and research and help me show you what I believe is the best company out their!


Cannot Be Beat!

-One that has a strong loyal corporate team looking out for you. Kicking people out of the business if they post on Amazon or EBay. Innovating new products and industries.

-Compensation plan that everyone on a leg receives 100% credit for what you do (down to the lowest level) and you receive 100% from them. I honestly have never seen anything like this before!

-In 13 different multi-billion dollar industries, which allows you to convert a spending through a business easily and have more items to sell to consumers.

-The shopping annuity, converting all the spending you’re doing into earning. Since you’re buying everything through you’re own business and you’re own portal, you get paid! You will love this and you save money. It is revolutionary!

-You build a legacy with this company, everything you do is will-able to your kids. So if you build a $900/month or $20,000/month residual income with this company. The money you build will never stop even when you die. Talk about setting up your kids for success!

-you have me on you’re team and I love to help people prosper and grow!

There is more to say and click HERE to read more about my opportunity. Please if you have any questions or concerns to comment below or go to my contact page and input your information. I would love to show you what I have going on!

Blessings & Grace on this fine day!








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